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Local Skagit County psychic business owner arrested for theft by deception,charged of spiritually cleansing money from victim

Just as 2018 has been predicted scammer wise. A local Skagit woman has been arrested for fraud and felony deception. It seems greed and being greedy were the psychics downfall. The story unfolds as: “A 69-year-old woman who owns a psychic reading business in Skagit County was arrested for first-degree theft by deception. The victim … Continue reading

Ryan Buell uses show X-files to regain once deserved recognition.Field trip 4 is on the way.

On January 8th, Ryan Buell came out live on his self published fan page.His live feed was a topic concerning the X-files episode concerning algorythyms and the paranormal. Now talking conspiracy theories. Some people say he is working on changing the content of his work to conspiracy theory stuff,others think it is a way to … Continue reading

Lanee landry is no stranger to ghosts

Edgar Allan Poe once said ““All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.” In this case we have an inspiring lady a talented writer and actor Lanee landry.. Lanee Landry interviewed on Beyond Reality Paranormal Talk Radio and if I may so, did a wonderful performance at that. Lanee … Continue reading

Ten years ago Ryan Buell maid Paranormal States show a success, but is it enough to regain the fame he once had?

for years I have set back and observed the rise and fall of a once very popular young man, an inspiring actor and writer.  I saw the possibilities that Buell had and I saw the downfall’s he made happen. They say you can not take your belongings to heaven, but in Hell you won’t need … Continue reading

Bristol woman “I slept with more then 20 ghosts even better then men”.

Spirited women, perhaps but what about the spirits making love to a woman repeatedly? it is not the first time, that some celebrity has claimed to have had ghost sex. Wondered if it is cold or what? Realm appeared on the British TV show “ITV This Morning” on Thursday to discuss what being “ghosted” is … Continue reading

Trailer park queen of the year or paranormal’s own she demon!

via Trailer park queen of the year or paranormal’s own she demon!

Trailer park queen of the year or paranormal’s own she demon!

I have seen many major motion picture movies and I have seen A lot of demon flicks. The demon always spews foul language and seems to have one specific target in mind. Much like A Incubus or Succubus does. In much like movies we see, people themselves can act this way, perhaps even worse, since … Continue reading

Is Marc Tetlow of Ideal Management working for a different media and entertainment company now?

The Paranormal Herald ran a story as of recent about a man that was being accused of stiffing his talent help that he had booked but had not allegedly paid them for. Accusations had been shared and voiced around the globe, from the UK to Canada. Inside The Paranormal Herald ran a breaking story. It … Continue reading

Did Arizona man capture images that some say are either the Devil or an angel. Or is it a total hoax?

Did  an Arizona man capture images that some say are either the Devil or an angel. Some say it’s a demon, others say an angel. I say it may be utter nonsense, but don’t want to spoil the said fun. What we know is even channel 19 got involved in the reporting of this mysterious … Continue reading

Marc Tetlow and Ideal Event Management under fire for allegedly frauding, backing out of contracts and stiffing appearing speakers.

The allegations here written are just that alleged and have been reported to us by second hand sources, as well as public statements made and placed on social media. The statements made are believed to be true based on our finding of evidence that has supported this article. Just a day or so after hearing … Continue reading