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Psychic? Anthony Quinetta” I went to Australia to free the 4 souls in my doll. Still uses Autistic child to promote story and said book. Psychic child Predator.

There have to be moments when you glimpse something decent, something life-affirming even in the most twisted character. That’s where the real art lies. See, I always suspect characters who are painted as lovely, decent human beings. I would always question where the darkness lies.This is where the decency takes a back seat to what … Continue reading

Ryan Buell back on the drug sauce say’s Paranormal fans.

via Ryan Buell back on the drug sauce say’s Paranormal fans.

Ryan Buell back on the drug sauce say’s Paranormal fans.

In the recent videos displayed by Buell,he is been seen while talking continually, to have been picking at his face.Many fans are now wondering if Buell is actually clean,or if Buell is still under some sort of influence. One woman writes,”if you look at Buell’s actions,he is fidgety and picks at his face and as … Continue reading

Now updated: Midtown Psychic Sharon Adams did scam $86K.To appear back in court March 27th,2018

The plot was simple and easy to fulfill,as the Midtown psychic lured in her unsuspecting victims.However it is always the same.The psychic declaring to know all, finds a mutual problem and of course for a sum of money,she can correct it,fix it.In this case the victim believed without a doubt that her in-laws had cast … Continue reading

Demons is Seattle The Documentary

 March 13, 2018 It is with great anticipation and honor, That friend, and guest, Keith Linder, friend of The Paranormal Herald and several time guest on our show, Beyond Reality Paranormal Talk Radio, has a release date for his years of grueling and fearless work, resulting in his documentary, “The Bothell Hell House”, and his … Continue reading

Fake D.R no credentials but he is psychic?How Kennedy, Kevin Malek and Bishop katrina Rake seem to endorse and support pure frauds. Say no to Project PSI

 Daniel Patrick Moynihan once said “You are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts.” This is so true, but this paper strives to tell what is the truth, some won’t like it while others will cheer though. What can be said about false claims, over active imagination and … Continue reading

Exclusive tell all. Buell drank liquid G. Destroyer Of Youth and Date Rape Drug. Sergey’s soon to be wife, (Malissa Drake) knew the entire time,says one source.He put dark towels and blankets or whatever the hell it was over her windows in the room he was in.

Explosive allegations,News channels picking up the story of the century,yes it was all Ryan Daniel Buell. Allegations of drugs and scamming people out of money was the new reality of a once popular reality celebrity. Among such accusations and said rumors,were those that depicted lavish sex parties and said drug fueled parties.More then one source … Continue reading

I am 9 months clean,so that makes up for the folks I took money from,says once popular celebrity reality star Buell.

Over the course of many months fans desperately seeking to get there own refunds back from prior tours and events Ryan Buell had received ticket sells from,had still not gotten there money back.instead it was believed that Buell’s rich life style had gotten there money.A life style,that was later proven to be a Drug Habbit.Buell … Continue reading

You ever have A Premonition?

Have you ever driven down the road and some how all the sudden, maybe say hay stop there is an accident about to happen and before your eyes, it does?what can one say is the root cause of such A thing? Personally I believe that premonitions ARE a very real phenomena. They are much easier … Continue reading

Jason Hawes(Taps) weighs in on Marc Tetlows recent domestic arrest.

With questions not being answered by any of the Tetlow’s, we could see why exactly. With more then 150,000 dollars allegedly collected from Ideal Managements funds and customers,clients and tickets being sold .Celebrities and other paying guests have and had been apparently duped out of there hard earned cash. With Marc Tetlows recent domestic abuse … Continue reading