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Leslie Jobe Shelton’s judge judi show and report of alleged fraud

The below link is Leslie Shelton’s Rip off report and also her video of her judge Judi show.

video link

Rip Off Report link..

Leslie Shelton just had to be on T.V didn’t she?

Even judge Judi stated Leslie Shelton was deceptive and scammer. The link be;low is the judge judi show she did trying to fool the judge, Leslie Shelton threatens lawsuits against the plaintiff, she made threats of having the man arrested and  had filed police reports, used terrorist threats of intimidation, then as the case went forward the judge told her she had credibility issues period, now Leslie Shelton says it was all scripted because her own name was slammed for fraud.

People as I am reading her comments, this is so bad folks. Leslie states, she had her animals poisoned. How does someone hate this Leslie so bad they will poison innocent animals, truth is Leslie Shelton has a habit of making enemies.

Leslie Shelton has even been involved in domestic battles with her neighbors calling police on them and making reports, I supposed they are all guilty of not liking this Leslie Shelton I can not imagine why exactly.

Leslie Shelton of Little Critters Piggy Pales and Farm sales pigs that  get to 150 250 ponds and she said that they will be 30 to 50 pounds pixie pigs. She had a petting zoo and it got shout down her animals were in bad condition you could see there ribs they need vet care and she did not get it for them and just let them suffer. She never had food out there people would bring them hay and grain they could not afford food for their animals. She breeds her pigs at 4 months old so she can cone people into thinking that they are getting a small pig. She called her pigs pix pigs when she started  a year and half ago and now that they are getting older and bigger she called them mini pigs or mini potbellied pigs. She loves to take people to court she was on judge Judi this year and she has been in and out of court with her neighbor for over a year now. I have seen her pigs and they are babies having babies she is in it for the money not the pigs.



This was Leslie Shelton earlier statements blaming myself for someone posting to the Rip Off Report itself.

The Rip Off report is not full of lies either.

Quoted from Leslie Shelton her own rebuttal !

She has no real evidence who made this RIP Off Report, but sure throws names out like Candy Canes at Christmas time.

This Rip Off report is full of lies.

This clearly is from one of 2 people who have been harassing me for quite sometime

Either Jenny Sokolfsky aka Jenny Haze who raises PB pigs in my area, and who is very upset because she has had animals removed from her property due to neglect and abuse, she was not alloweed on a National and ethical breeders website and I was because I have never had a disatisfied client. She has had many and I have many of her over 200 lbs pigs here on our farm due to her lies. She is with a fake business called Noah’s Arm mini farm and zoo, burn WY, yet she is not licensed with the State or as regulated by USDA. She is a con and scammer.  My reputation speeks for itself. This woman is clearly jealous of the competition .  My pigs do nt get 150-250 lbs in fact my largest breeding pair weighs 60 and 65 lbs. This woman has not seen my pigs as she claims. My smallest  breeding pare is 34-42lbs at 4 1/2 yrs. I do not breed any pig under the age of 3 yrs old when they are considered full growth. I have vet records and documents to prove what I say. I travel the USA finding the best breeding stock for my program. I work with many ethical breeders unlike this back yard breeder who is apparenty upset.  Any pig under 200 lbs is a mini pig, however some breeders use labels to describe the sizes of their pigs. Because with genetics there is no guarentee however so I have chosen to not label them and so for the last several years they have been called mini pigs. But I havent had any as large as being claimed by this woman. I have been breeding pigs for many years.

I did have a petting zoo that I closed in 2014 and chose to not renew my license  with the USDA due to health and a neighbor who was arrested and a stalking order was placed against as they were stealing and also poisoning some of our animals. For the safety of the animals and my own health we decided to close and rehome the animals while the court and law dealt with this family. Any one can contact the USDA  Dr. Tracy Thompson the inspector for the in Fort Collins CO to inquire as to her false allegations and anyone will see I was not shut down. No one donated hay as claimed…trust me I have all my feed bill receipts. Peole in my community do donate pumkins around halloween as the animals love them. They have been doing this for years. It is clear that this woman is trying her best to slander me.  My vet will verify that no babies have ever been bred her ase she claims, and they have always been healthy and well cared for.

The following links are some of the reports of our blogs that has captured Leslie’s own comments. Tell tell signs of a true liar  Has Leslie Shelton gone hog wild. National Ripp Off Report  Leslie shelton tried lies and deception to gain paranormal friends.

There will be more to follow as this wonderful sad case gets exploited its time we shut down the frauds and this one is the hardest so far we seen screenshot evidence, photo shopped evidence and a lot of questionable and falsely attributed evidence from the sociopath and it’s time folks just stop her from the para world altogether. Just delete and block its just that simple folks.

Disclaimer: The following information has been provided to us and the article is based on the said information, we obtained. All allegations made are alleged, and the Paranormal Herald can not be held accountable for other parties information.

Paranormal Herald : Evan jensen





11 thoughts on “Leslie Jobe Shelton’s judge judi show and report of alleged fraud

  1. Lol are we trying this again Evan? You were already dubunked with actual posted proof of the truth not your twisted truth and lies deceiving people….lol BTW screen shot


    Posted by Leslie Shelton | August 10, 2015, 5:14 am
  2. Apparently she gets off doing this Evan.


    Posted by spiritualwalks | August 11, 2015, 11:59 am

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